Thursday, May 28, 2009


I am going through the process of scanning my old negatives. It is a never-ending task.
The pictures below are from Silesia - the region in South-Western Poland. It was formerly polish heavy industry hot-spot. I write "formerly" because it is not anymore...
Demonstration of miners against job cuts in Ruda Slaska, Silesia

Instead of going to school this children have spent their day gathering pieces of coal, which fell (or was stolen) from train transporting it from the coal mine to a buyer. Many families were (well, some still are...) so poor that they couldn't afford to buy coal that is used in Silesia during winter months for heating the houses.
The plastic cases were used to separate bigger coal pieces from sand and coal dust.
Siemianowice Slaskie, February 2002

Hunger strike in Ruda Slaska, the miners demanded more money for their work.

1st of May 2002 in Katowice. Before 1989 1st May parades were huge. Like in any other communist country it was obligatory to participate in order to show your personal support to The Communist Party. In 2002 only a small group attended, most of them old or simply crazy. The banner says "Noble Upper Silesia where is your conscience??"

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