Monday, March 21, 2011

Wyclef Jean shot in hand in Port Au Prince, Haiti

Yesterday I read that Haiti-born american musician and record producer ,former member of  the hip hop group the Fugees Wyclef Jean was shot in hand in Haiti capital Port Au Prince.
Fortunately the injury was not serious the wound was superficial, you can read about it here .

I had a oportunity to photograph Wyclef Jean in Port Au Prince this January on the anniversary of 2010 earthquake. 
I was in front of the ruins of Notre Dame Cathedral, Port Au Prince. When some SUV escorted by Police and bodyguards arrived. I didn't really know what is going on, but as I felt tension in crowd rises I started shooting chaotic snapshots. 

Then Wyclef Jean came out from nowhere.

In this kind of typical Haitian chaos it is clear that something may go wrong.

And after his speach someone tried to steal my wallet, I managed to caught him by his hand :-)) 
but this is another story...

More photos: Wyclef Jean in Haiti , Port Au Prince 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Poland is such a colorful country!

Imported German car

Pleasure of leisure

Middle-class neighborhood

National disaster on TV

Flower Power