Friday, May 11, 2012

(almost) still life

German icycles

a german canal

a german √úbermensch

german winter 1

german winter 2

german rain

german population growth

haitian Virgin Mary

european crisis

polish window

polish cross

polish flowers

To me, for some reason, these images live close to each other

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I was in Iceland on holidays in 2008.
In Reykjavik in a supermarket I stumbled upon a discounted Holga camera. I had a medium format mamyia with me as well , so film was not a problem.
I shot almost all the film with Holga.


A cafe in a former French settlement

Snowstorm shelter


One of a hundreds ....fjordur

A dead angel perhaps?

Motel decoration

Fishing industry

There are very few animals in Iceland...

I was there too..

Polar circle 1

Polar circle 2 - guano

National delicacy: pylsur

Jokulsarlon 1

Jokulsarlon 2

Rare polar flamingos


Every single tourist in Iceland goes here


another one

Geysir, the greatest tourist attraction

Jr's dinosaur

Scary container