Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I was in Iceland on holidays in 2008.
In Reykjavik in a supermarket I stumbled upon a discounted Holga camera. I had a medium format mamyia with me as well , so film was not a problem.
I shot almost all the film with Holga.


A cafe in a former French settlement

Snowstorm shelter


One of a hundreds ....fjordur

A dead angel perhaps?

Motel decoration

Fishing industry

There are very few animals in Iceland...

I was there too..

Polar circle 1

Polar circle 2 - guano

National delicacy: pylsur

Jokulsarlon 1

Jokulsarlon 2

Rare polar flamingos


Every single tourist in Iceland goes here


another one

Geysir, the greatest tourist attraction

Jr's dinosaur

Scary container

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