Sunday, July 25, 2010


 It is shocking what happened yesterday during Love Parade in Duisburg. Young people came to well known peaceful event to dance and have some fun... :-(((
I was at Love Parade twice. In Essen and in Dortmund. There were huge crowds (about 1,5 mln people) and I can't really imagine how someone in Duisburg could came up with an idea of openning just one entrance. It was disaster waiting to happen. The people who were responsible for security organization in Duisburg should end up in jail.
The following images are from the last Love Parade that took place in 2008 Dortmund. In 2009 Love Parade was cancelled due to lack of money for proper security...

These images were shot in a very similar tunel to the one where the disaster happened.

Some more images from Last Love Parade, Dortmund 2008

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