Saturday, January 23, 2010


Andrzej Lepper is (unfortunately) well known polish populist politician. He represents to me everything that is, or can be the worst in politics. At the highpoint of his career he was Deputy Prime Minister. During his “career” he has been charged with many offences, but somehow he always could getaway with them.
Finally in 2007 his life as a politician came to an end – he was involved in several serious scandals (sex, bribes & corruption)
more info about him in wiki
In 2004 I followed him during his pre-elections tour, on assignment for a polish daily newspaper. Back then I found him and his electorate very funny… but later in 2005 , when his Self-defence party became 3rd party in the Sejm (polish parliament) , I was frightened.
Now I am happy to believe that his days of glory are over- So ladies and gentlemen! I hope it is your last chance to meet Andrzej Lepper.

his electorate

Young guns of his Self-defence party wearing the partys trademark white and red ties.

Everyone from the audience had a chance to make a speech. This guy didn't waste a minute, he went straight to singing polish national anthem.

Dead flowers ....they say it all

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