Friday, August 7, 2009

Senegal and Gambia: Overfishing in West Africa

West African seas are devastated by overfishing. The overfishing is mainly caused by huge Korean and European trawlers. As well as fish stock, the local fishing industry declines.
more images from overfishing in Senegal and Gambia, West Africa story here
Barracuda is prepared for transport, Ziguinchor, Casamance, Senegal

People swimming to the fishing boats to take fresh catch from fishermen, Bakau, Gambia

A girl playing on polluted beach in Saint Louis, Senegal

Fish for sale, Bakau, Gambia

A boy frying fish under a table , protecting himself from rain

Catch, Saint Louis, Senegal

Polluted fishermen beach, Saint Louis, Senegal

A man carrying fresh fish from a fishing boat, Bakau, Gambia

Early in the morning fishermen launching their boats, Toubab Dialao, Senegal

Fishermen fixing their nets in Saint Louis, Senegal

Women waiting for fishermen coming back after the catch at a harbour in Bakau, Gambia

Seagulls fighting for fish leftovers


  1. A little point of correction. The girl playing on the polluted beach (St Louis) is in Senegal and not The Gambia... Otherwise very nice pictures,
    Anna from The Gambia

  2. Yes you are right Anna,it is my stupid mistake
    I'll correct it right now

  3. I just looking finding more about west Africa Senegal- cause I had a reguest on my Facebook page from Africa. But really nice place and nice people's. Buy the why we're friends and we talking everyday on watsapp and Facebook.