Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Voodoo traditional healers

Voodoo traditional healers,
In case of illness, visiting traditional healer is still much more popular in Africa than visiting regular doctor with proper education. The magic power of herbs, animal body parts and good or evil spirits is widely believed all over the continent. In West Africa, the knowledge about healing usually is passed from generation to generation. The images of Voodoo traditional healers were taken in Benin and Togo.
more images of Voodoo religion in Benin, West Africa

Mami Wata woman priest, the fluid that she spits is a mixture of herbs and alcohol, this ceremony is made to secure fertility

Traditional pharmacy, some animals body parts are used for healing

Traditional healer Salanon in Abomey

traditional healer Salanon with portraits of his father and grandfather, he claimed because his magic powers his father leaved over 200 years

Inside of Salanon's hut

Mami Wata woman-priest

young adepts after the ceremony in Aneho, Togo

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