Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Moldova-Europe's forgotten country

It is really a shame that some countries attract attention only when something seriously is going wrong… This is exactly the case of Moldova. You can read about the latest riots in Chisinau (or Kischiniev) on BBC NEWS website here.
More pictures from Moldova HERE

A lot of Moldovians work in EU in order to make ends meet. The trick is that they need a visa to travel to any European country... and to apply for a visa , they need first go to Bucarest, Romania... so they first need to get Romanian visa.
The pictures below were made in 2007 in front of Romanian embassy in Chisinau, Moldova. During shooting I was approached by a man who told me "take the pictures and make sure that we all look very poor, so they will have a mercy and give us visas to EU"


  1. fajne zdjecia tylko nie wiem co jest w nich wazniejsze - historie ktora opowiadaja czy nazwisko autora psujace caly efekt...moze nikt nie ukradnie by wykorzystac do niecnych celow...a jasli nawet to przynajmniej pojda w swiat :)

  2. It is nice country but the people who are in head of conduction try to make the people poor that they remain jangling the food and forget about politic of the country. This how it's...

    my name is mike from Jordan i had been study in Moldova.