Sunday, March 8, 2009

I'm back

The trip to France was a success. To my surprise, I have made 150% of my basic plan but I must admit I had a lot of luck. I am going to post some pictures from the trip soon, when I fisnish the edit.
Udało się! Zrobiłem więcej niż przypuszczałem , że się uda :-) Jak skoncze obróbke I edycje materiału to pokaże jakąś część na blogu. A tymczasem… Koniakowskie majtki z koronki :-)

From my archive: Koniakow, Poland:
G-strings lace makers at work; from left Elzbieta Kukuczka 43, Anna Barska 47, Krystyna Gajzer 48. In remote village of Koniakow, Poland. Koniakow is famous for its traditional lacing. Lace makers who used to create gowns and altar cloths for customers such as the late Pope or for the Queen of England now craft G-strings and other lingerie for sale all over the world. The company that started producing the lace underwear was founded by Malgorzata Stanaszek from Koniakow. She noticed that traditional gowns were not selling well. First, she started making lace underwear by herself, now she employs 60 lace makers.

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