Sunday, October 30, 2011

she is back

Fortunately my ♥♥♥Leica♥♥♥ is finally repaired and now it works like a charm :-)
Fortunately, I am again flooded with jobs.
Unfortunately I am fed up with sitting in front of PC working on post-production, developing RAWs etc.
Unfortunately it is a part of my job.

Here are some photos from Istanbul y. 2010:

Fatih district, Istanbul

Kumkapi district, Istanbul

Eminonu close to Galata Bridge

Uskudar , Asian side of Istanbul

Uskudar , Asian side of Istanbul

Bus station next to Galata Bridge, Istanbul

The entrance to Grand Basar, Istanbul

Houses of destroyed Sulukule old Gypsy neighbourhood, Istanbul

Sunday, October 9, 2011


I was lucky to spend some time in September in Romania. Romania is in my opinion an amazing country with great nature and lots of contrasts. With beautiful Danube Delta, ugly Black Sea coastal resorts and not so scary Dracula Castle which in fact wasn't even visited by him.
Crisan, people waiting for a ferry from Tulcea. The only way to get to the delta is by ferry, there are no roads and almost no cars.

Buru village near Turda

The beautiful Transfagarasan road. It was built by romanian dictator Ceausescu, because of military reasons he wanted to have quick access across Fagaras mountains.

The amount of rubbish everywhere is really depressing. People just seem not to care.

At first, when I shot this image I regretted that I wasn't outside my car in order to have a neat composition. Later I realized that this is a perfect image. Sheeps on the road and horse carts are the favourites stereotype images of Romania (and other eastern european countries) seen by a westerners eye. That's why I liked to have this western tourists/journalist perspective in the photograph.

Old Dacia is also a trademark of communist Romania. This image was shot in Danube Delta, Crisan a village with no roads,village surrended by water.
The car is completely useless here, hence the lack of wheels. Yet someone decided to bring it and keep it here. Absurd...

Crisan, Danube Delta

Giant dwarf hat? Not, probably it is a roof of a church which will be build a bit later.
Rimetea, Transilvania

Chemical plant in Victoria

In an isolated Crisan village, life came to a standstill. The only moderately busy places are local shop which also serves as a pub and post-office where the less fortunate ones can receive their social benefits.
However this is not the full picture. Fortunately the tourism is booming and a lot of inhabitants can make money from that.

Ferry to Sulina

Gypsy houses on the outskirts of Sibiu

Closed amusement park in a horrible Black Sea resort, Eforie Nord .

No matter where you eat, the food is just great. Especially vegetables.

Waiting in front of Baneasa airport for departure. The airport is far too small to accomodate the cheap airlines traffic, the departure hall is crowded so people prefer to wait outside.


The beautiful Delta

more images from Danube Delta and Transilvania