Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Haiti , one year after the earthquake

One year after January 12 2010 earthquake the scars are omnipresent. However the improvements are obvious. Most people who lost their houses still live in tent camps, hundreds of international NGO are working hard to build new houses for the people in need. The life came back to the streets of Port Au Prince, Leogane, Cabaret for good.
Heavily destroyed part of Port Au Prince
One of the big issues in Haiti is access to the clean water.
American actor Sean Penn and Sanela Diana Jenkins founded a tent camp on the grounds of luxurious Petionville Golf club

One of the worst tent camps I saw, it is loceted by a busy road. All the tents are completely covered by dust

sunday mass

Trade in a former business district of Porta Au Prince

Busines district: Port Au Prince Iron Market at final stage of rebuilding after the disaster it will be reopened on the 1st anniversary of the earthquake

Ruined business district of porta Au Prince

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Port Au Prince, Haiti

I am presently with Polish Humanitarian Action  in Port Au Prince , Haiti. My job is to document three projects which this biggest polish NGO started after 2010 earthquake.
I am also shooting on the side, here are some off-shots:

One of many tent camps Pentonville founded by Sean Penn and an American busineswoman on the grounds of former luxurious Golf Club

From now I will try to post something new everyday.
These images do not represent what it is like in Haiti. They are just what I have found here.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My last five days

Zillertal Austria,

Santo Domingo , Dominican Republic,

A small airport in Santo Domingo

Flight to Port Au Prince, Haiti in a small 18 seater plane

Port Au Prince, Haiti